Mackerel fishing

Mackerel fishing

Destination Haute-Mer offers the opportunity to fish for mackerel, a fish as beautiful as it is combative. Easy to catch it gives an incredible feeling to fishermen, so it is ideal for fishermen looking for strong emotions.

Here you can admire mackerel with some small cod.

Mackerel Fish Sea Fruits - Free photo on Pixabay

Photo from the wikipedia site

From the scombrid family, mackerel moves in schools (group of fish), its average size varies between 25 and 40 cm and weighs on average 2 lbs.

Several means are used to catch Mackerel.

Among these, the “Machine Gun” is very effective. It consists of several colored feathers attached on a line of plus or minus 5 feathers. Mackerel is fished with the ” Jig ” which means that the fisherman throws and brings back the line constantly in order to fall on the Mackerel Bank.


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It is not uncommon to take out 5 or 6 mackerel on the same line !!!

Lure mackerel fishing

Preferred by our guides of Destination Haute-Mer, the mackerel lure consists of a lead fish of more or less 1oz. of showy color. It is also used at the Jig as a machine gun.

Exciting, abundant but above all delicious, mackerel is a choice catch during your excursion with Destination Haute-Mer.


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