Groundfish or benthic fish are common names given to fish that preferably live far from the surface of the water.

This expression includes a set of species that can constitute groups such as white fish or flatfish. They are usually fish that stay or hide at ground level and search the aquatic bottom in search of food. Most use mimicry to blend in with the décor.

A fish is said to be demersal if it remains near the bottom without living there permanently.

In aquaristics, a groundfish refers to a species occupying the lower third of the aquarium. These are often also species appreciated as “cleaner fish “. These species do not willingly come to seek dry food floating on the surface, so they may have nothing left to feed. In addition to live foods there are granules or pellets that flow to the bottom of the tank.

In lakes and rivers they are the species most affected by pollution because of the chemical particles that cover the mud by sedimentation.