Our boats

We are pleased to present our 2 magnificent Excursion Ships: The St-Lièvre and the St-Bernard!

The St-Lièvre with its splendid blue colour is an exceptional ship in its robust construction and impressive engine. Named after the family name of the Lelièvre St-Pierre, this former fishing and Ocean Canada property has an unparalleled stability and versatility that make more than one blush! With a length of 25 feet and accommodating up to 7 passengers, its aluminum government construction and cathedral-shaped hull make every outing a unique experience. Its 2 Johnson engines of 140 HP proclaims it king of the seas in Matane. It is particularly appreciated by customers for its proximity to the water and for its raised platform at the front that allows you to be in the front row to observe marine mammals or to fish.

The St-Bernard est  is a retired lobster farmer from the Gaspé Peninsula. This 26-foot fiberglass construction was named in honor of Bernard St-Pierre, the father of the Lelièvre St-Pierre brothers, a Matanais fier  who has always loved and valued the La Matanie region. Known for its comfort and large space to fish, it provides great pleasure to the 8 passengers it can accommodate! Powered by 2 Honda engines  of 90 HP that can reach the very respectable speed of 25 knots it sails smoothly to the best fishing or observation spots.